Welcome to the Maronite Academy 2013!

Training & Educational Sessions for Active, English Speaking Lebanese Descendants All Over the World.

Short Online Courses Followed by a

Free Educational Trip to Lebanon!

Trip Duration: About 15 days in August

Check our YearEbook 2013!

1- Are you of Lebanese Descent?
2- Are you Aged between 20 and 28?
3- Are you interested in Learning more about your Mother Land?
4- Would you Like to Visit Lebanon?

If you answered YES to the 4 questions above, then you are likely to qualify!

The new session 2014 has just kicked-off!



  1• Admission to the Maronite Academy is not guaranteed. After thoroughly studying all the submitted applications and their corresponding resumes, preference will be given to the applicants whose purposes, aspirations, and skills are most closely aligned with the mission of the Maronite Foundation in the World. Diversity of gender and nationality will also be considered.

  2• Selection for the educational trip to Lebanon is highly dependent upon the levels of engagement, motivation, and thinking skills that the participants demonstrate during the online sessions.



Summer Educational Trip to Lebanon
  (July 14-28, 2013)


The Maronite Academy is very happy to welcome its first graduating class to Lebanon! We are looking forward to two weeks of growth and fun together!


We would like to thank The Maronite Foundation in the World, Mr. Michel Eddé (President of the Foundation), Mr. Nehmat Frem (Vice-President of the Foundation), Mr. Laurent Aoun, the President of the Maronite Academy’s Committee, and Ambassador Antonio Andary for creating this opportunity. 


Moreover, we would like to thank Mrs. Hiam Boustani, the Administrative Director of the Maronite Foundation in the World, and her whole team, for all the time and efforts they have put in organizing the visit.


In addition, we would like to thank all the instructors, including Father Jad Kossaify and Mr. Antoine Saad for teaching the five online sessions between January and May 2013; and also Father Fadi Kmeid whose contribution, not only in teaching online, but also in the planning and execution of the summer program, is essential. Thank you, Father Kmeid, for volunteering to spend the next two weeks with the group in order to ensure the success of the program.


Last but not least, we would like to thank the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) for all their support and generosity.




Nada Salem Abisamra
Executive Director
Maronite Academy

July 14, 2013


A Word of Gratitude:

We are extremely grateful to all the people and entities that helped us spread the word about Lebanese Roots | The Maronite Academy, hereby making it come to life. Among those are the following: the Maronite Foundation in the World, including its Managing Director, Mrs. Hiam Boustani, and its Foreign Relations Director, Ambassador Antonio Andary; Project Roots' Team, including its Director, Father Abdallah Zaidan, its Regional Coordinators (Roula Eid, Josephine Sfeir Bassil, Joseph Hage, Najib/ Nano Rached, Antoine Abi-Samra, and Najib Nasr), and its Parish Coordinators; The Christian Lebanese Foundation in Canada, including its Director, Father Antoine Tahan, Paula Hitti, and all the people on their team; The Christian Lebanese Foundation in Australia, including its Coordinator, Charles Mait; the Maronite Young Adults, including its Director, Father Elie Mikhael, in addition to Father Jean Younes, and Louis Ragy; Maronites.org, including its creator, Elie Bitar; Dr. Elie Ayoub, Edward Salem, Dr. George Jabbour, Randa Hakim, and Diana Ayoub; and all our friends on Facebook, especially those who shared our posts and flyers! THANK YOU, ALL!